New Upcoming Event on 22 August!

The 1.6 Million Club South Africa and Mhani Gingi are excited to invite you all to join our interactive seminar focusing on women’s mental health. It is our greatest pleasure to have invited several prestigious speakers from different background to share with us the ideas on healthy lifestyle, stress management and women empowerment. Be the change you want to see n the world! Come and join us now!
Invitation to The Women's Health Brunch Programme v2

The cost is R200 which includes food, participation in all activities, and also sponsors the entry fee for a community member. Below are the payment details.
***Please send a copy of the payment receipt to A confirmation email will be sent once the payment has been received.

Bank: First National Bank
Branch No: 250655
Account Name: Mhani Gingi Trust
Account No: 62454928501
Reference: Full Name off attendee


What is 1.6 Million Club South Africa?

The 1.6 Million Club South Africa is a collaboration between the 1.6 Million Club Sweden and Mhani Gingi, with the primary  goal of ensuring all women have the best possible quality of life and health. The partnership strives to guarantee equal rights for women by advocating gender equality and by promoting a holistic and gender-based approach to healthcare.

The Club partners with organizations and individuals from different sectors to develop activities such as monthly workshops related to women’s health. These workshops focus on raising awareness of various topics such as gender based violence, substance abuse, and nutrition. The workshops lead up to a large convention where guest speakers from both the 1.6 Million Club Sweden and Mhani Gingi, as well as experts from various disciplines, give inspiring talks and host hands on activities for the attendees. This year’s event is being held on 22 August, 2015 with an overarching theme of mental health, and many sub themes related to women’s health. The Club also raises awareness around sexual assault by distributing flyers in different areas of Cape Town.

An organization focusing on issues around women´s health and lifestyle